sliding doors: Automation, dedicated frames and accessories

dedicated frames ensure the entire system is sturdy
and reliable.
The rounded profiles (in both aluminium and stainless steel),the panels and the inset windows flush with the exterior without any ledges prevent the build-up of dirt and make for easy cleaning and improved hygiene. The frames are equipped with silicon seals (non-toxic). These seals (where envisaged) are inset into the wing without
any additional profiles. This enhances the attractive styling while providing more efficient cleanliness and hygiene. The floor runner was also designed to cover the fixing screws and not only to improve the appearance but also to ensure easier cleaning. Indeed, it prevents the build-up of dirt on the screws and is easier to clean.

  • Wing general features
  • Rounded profiles to facilitate cleaning
  • Non-toxic silicon seals
  • Wing thickness 60 mm
  • Profiles sit flush with the internal panel and window.

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